Time and time again I have had my heart broken from the news that we are finally going to be getting a red head emoji. I suffer from the anticipation- Is it going to be today, maybe next week? Is it going to be next month? It has been driving me crazy.

According to Business Insider, we can finally expect red headed emojis as soon as today. Over 150 emojis are going to be integrated in the new Emoji 11.0 update. You can expect to see toilet paper rolls, llamas, and bagels. However, we all know what we really want.. Red Head Emojis!

I am preparing for another heart break just in case this doesn't happen, but I am still hopeful. And on another note, where is the big foot emoji? I mean we have a unicorn emoji, so why not a big foot emoji as well. Throw in the lochness monster too!

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