I am pretty much moved in to my new place. The unfortunate part is that I am now living along side boxes. We still haven't finished unpacking. We are getting there, but it feels like an endless job trying to find new homes for my belongings.

The firs thing I noticed after spending my first night at the new place is that it doesn't feel like home just yet. I know it has only been a few nights since I moved in, but it isn't just me. My boyfriend feels the same way.

I do have a game plan though. I have five steps to help me make my new place a home.


  • 1

    Make it smell like home.

    I put smell good plugins in each room. I have apple cider scents in the living room and the kitchen. Then in the bathroom I have a "rain forest" scent. Then in my bedroom I have an essential oil air purifier with lavender set up to make the room smell relaxing.


  • 2

    Cook something.

    I wasn't baking cookies from scratch, but I popped to pizzas in the oven and boom dinner is served!

  • 3

    Get the Pets Settled In

    This was a tough move for my dog. All day he was frantic when we were moving boxes and furniture out of the old apartment. When we got him and the cat moved over to the new home I set up his bowls and showed him all the rooms. He sniffed around and plopped onto the couch. He seemed fine, but during the night he woke up shaking and crying. He didn't know where he was. After some comforting cuddles he was fine. Yesterday we laid out all of his toys and he was much more comfortable. My cat was the complete opposite. We set up his litter box and showed him the food and he was set. Also, he has been having a blast playing in all of the boxes.

  • 4

    Get Comfortable

    Yesterday, after we had been unpacking for a while, my boyfriend and I decided to take a break. This is when we cooked pizzas and turned on the TV. We watched Power Rangers and it was like we were in our old place. That was the first time that I was actually comfortable in the new home.

  • 5

    Finish Unpacking

    I know this is a no brainier, but it makes a difference. After all of the boxes have been emptied and all your belongings found a place to exist then things will slowly feel like there supposed to be.

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