As someone who has openly talked about their fascination with Bigfoot, it makes me so happy to see events like this popping up close by. If you haven't heard let me lay down some sick information in front of you... The 2018 Texas Bigfoot Conference is this weekend in Jefferson, Texas.

I am so excited because I am going to this event! One of my friends, who is also a big Bigfoot fan, surprised me by getting us tickets for the conference. I can't wait. This weekend can't get here quick enough.

Their guest speakers include: Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Lyle Blackburn, Shelly Covington-Montana, Ken Gerhard, and Nick Redfern. There is also a super special guest... Bob Gimlin! The reason why you might be wondering quietly to yourself "Hmm... have heard this name before?" Yes, you have. Bob Gimlin was one of the two fellas who filmed the famous Bigfoot sighting back in 1967. Check out the video below to spark your memory. (Hint: skip to the end)

According to the event page on Facebook, there schedule is pretty jam packed. Friday, October 19th, they will have a tribute to Bob Gimlin and he will speak after a catered dinner. Then Saturday, October 20th, doors open at 9 am. There will be vendors and scheduled talks with all the guest speakers. The event will come to a close with an American Monster Tour screening. Like I said I can't wait for this weekend.

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