Another, another large group of Emojis making their way to your phone. Which new emoji best describes our great state?

If I could write this entire article using only Emojis, I would, but sadly there isn't enough yet... Maybe in a few years.

The newest batch of emojis were apparently picked by the Unicode Consortium, whatever that is, and surely many of them will be popping up in our texts and snapchats any day now. Some of the newcomers include a sloth, a skunk, a hand making the "tiny" symbol, Saturn, and more/

Looking through all 230 new emojis, I got to thinking, is there on that could possible describe our rich and unique state. Better yet, which one would fit at this given time.

My choice is a no-brainer. The Emoji I have selected has to be the blind man's walking stick, dedicated to those terrible refs from the NFC title game in New Orleans.

Check out all of the new emojis below!


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