Stop stressing about what to buy dad this Father's Day and make him something instead.

When I think about my dad, I am filled with so many memories of him teaching me various skills. I can thank my dad for teaching me to write a speech or craft a compelling story, but I can also attribute my ability to change a tire or spit watermelon seeds further than the boys to my pops. He always encouraged me to be creative, so I try to be creative on Father's Day.

Like making something for him.

This is especially special if you have young kids. I came across a list of great do-it-yourself Father's Day gifts on a website called It looks like most of their list is pulled from Pinterest. There are some really great items on here for kids both young and old. In fact, I would probably jump on a few of these ideas for my own dad.

I think my favorite item on this list is the personalized tie. Simply purchase a light colored tie and some fabric markers and let the kids do their thang! I also love the leather-stamped tie clip. It's so boho, yet professional.

Check out other great handmade Father's Day gifts that can easily be made this weekend by clicking here.

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