We live in an incredible time. If you don’t know something you can just search for the information and whammo, there it is. Plus, you can learn everyone’s opinion about said subject, how much they dislike your mother, and everything.

Now, that’s all well and good, but the internet isn’t just a source of random information. Turns out, you can really get some good utility out of it — especially YouTube. I’ve used it to learn some handy cooking and baking techniques, as well as things about makeup application. Okay, unless you’re auditioning for that KISS cover band you may not need that makeup bit.

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Now, I’ve noticed not everybody is aware how much useful information is available at their fingertips. Probably because the least useful stuff gets all the publicity. Part of it is mindset. I’ve witnessed some people complain about not knowing something and then go on, not knowing. While others plow right on.

Not too long ago I researched how to replace a couple of wonky sprinkler heads in the yard. It turns out there’s some voodoo to getting the sprinkler head to shoot the water where you want it. Boom! There is was, clearly on some guys YouTube channel.

Want to know how deep to dig a retaining wall brace post or fence post hole? There’s a formula for it. It ain’t rocket science, and it’s not a secret. I’m not going to tell you, cause there’s something good you get out of looking and finding it yourself, I think.

One of the things that you may find extremely useful is researching products to see real-life customer reviews.  If you’re thinking about buying one of those Mega-volt battery powered week whackers, go watch some folks using one of them. Be careful searching the word, “whacker.”

So, even though the highest grossing YouTube channel last year was of a kid who plays with toys, there’s a ton of useful how-to information if you have a little search savvy. Oh, that kids channel grossed 22 million dollars. Hey, know how to do stuff? Maybe you ought to start your own channel.

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