I don't think anyone walks down the aisle with the end in mind, but despite that, divorce rates are high in Louisiana, despite being a part of the 'Bible Belt.'

247WallSt studied several key metrics across all 50 states, including: divorce rate, marriage rate, unemployment rate and the average cost for a wedding in each state. After tallying the information, they found that Louisiana ranked fourth in the country when it comes to divorce, behind Nevada, Idaho and Arkansas. 

Looking at the numbers, 247WallSt concluded that financial stress might be a contributing factor when it comes to divorce in Louisiana, citing our low median household income and high unemployment rate. Our poverty rate is also the second highest in the nation at 20.2%, well above the national average.

Personally, I'm married to my first and last husband. However, I'm his third wife. Let's hope that the 'third time's a charm!' Frankly, I have papers on him and he's not getting away easy!

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