Lets face it in 2018 dating has changed a lot from what it used to be. From social media to FaceTime to even text messages everything is about getting instant gratification. Sure we could try and fight this but in the world we live in it's important to learn how to live with it and work with other people. Yes, relationships are work.

There's now a new term that's pretty important in dating called textual chemistry.  Urban Dictionary describes it as "A situation in which two parties cannot find an appropriate vibe or chemistry through text messaging." Basically if you and your partner are able to make a real connection via text messaging or not.

Somethings that could hinder your textual chemistry are sending back one word responses or sending too many texts in return without letting them respond. Then of course there's always the dreaded ghosting where you're texting someone and then they just disappear!

Is textual chemistry important in a romantic relationship?  Let us know what you think and vote in the poll below.

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