The Many Tigers have been one of the best programs in the state of Louisiana over the last few years. The team has been a perennial power since 2008, tearing off a handfuls of District Titles, and making constant playoff appearances in the LHSAA playoffs. Head Coach Jess Curtis has even been able to send kids to major Division 1 football programs.

But Many isn't just known for their play on the field. The community has built a large following around their program. Filling the stands, and traveling well across the state to show support in hostile territory.

But those home games, and those home introductions...those are becoming as legendary as the results the Tigers have on the field.

The way the Many Tigers hit the field for their 2A Playoff game is probably the greatest high school football entrance of all time. See for yourself...

There are very few places in the entire country you will see something like this. Especially for a school with an enrollment under 500. The support for the Many program is something to witness, even if just in videos online.

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