In a world filled with smart devices, social media and online shopping, does privacy exist anymore?

While I'd like to say to say I always shop local, I'll admit that I have a slight obsession with Amazon Prime. Not only do they ship directly to your house, they also allow you to download as many Kindle Unlimited books as you want. So not only do they know the majority of what I bought my family members for Christmas, birthdays, etc... They also know what I like to read, and in some instances stream and watch.

I'm also an Apple iPhone user. I took the screen shot above from my phone as I was leaving work. Keep in mind, I didn't have anything entered in my Outlook calendar about going home, so my iPhone is literally predicting my schedule based on past tracking.

Add to that, take into consideration the story I wrote last week about iRobot wanting to sell the layout of your house to 3rd party vendors and we've got a problem... It's called zero privacy.

Couple all these things with email, social media, the cloud, Google searches and public information that is readily found online and you'll the that privacy is just an illusion. I use the online grocery tool through Walmart. Because of that, they have an idea of what my family's diet is, if we suffer from constipation or even have frequent headaches by what I purchase.

Is this frightening to anyone else or is it just the world we live in today? After all, authorities have the ability to search for images and video of you from store and traffic cameras...

Did you hear the story about the company in Wisconsin recently that asked their employees to allow them to microchip them? Most reacted in outrage, but when you consider the above, it doesn't seem any more invasive than anything else.

I'm not going off the grid anytime soon, but it's certainly something to think about.


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