If you have a daughter and she rides horses, whatever you do, don't let them ride dressage! They say horseback riding is the second most expensive sport next to sailing... and in case you haven't noticed, we only have lakes around here! lol

I'm a dressage rider myself and I can verify everything this guy says... that's probably why I'm single, drive a truck meant expressly for pulling a horse trailer and am always broke!

Granted, my set up is no where near as fancy as the ones show in the video, but it doesn't mean it's not expensive! I do see some savings though... truth is, horses are way cheaper than therapy... you just can't get away with only paying a co-pay!

However, we did chase a teen all around the country who played softball, travel ball, you name it. Hotel rooms aren't cheap! I think I'll just stay home and play with my ponies!



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