Dr. Pepper is finding itself in a pickle in most of the U.S. right now. Fans are not happy about the absence of Dr. Pepper from store shelves. All flavors are scarce, including the new popular Dr. Pepper + Cream Soda.

Dr. Pepper is still on most store shelves but that is not the case in many parts of the nation.

The distributor of Dr. Pepper, Keurig Dr. Peper (U.S.), is not saying much as to why Dr. Pepper flavors are MIA.

Coca Cola, however, has addressed issues with the shortage of some of its brands. Coke blames the lack of aluminum cans and the fact that the company is focusing on the most needed brands in its arsenal during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Keurig Dr. Pepper is telling fans to hang tight, they are working on getting Dr. Pepper flavors back on store shelves. Especially the new permanent Dr. Pepper + Cream Soda flavor.

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