Drew Brees knows how to throw shade.

We already knew he could throw a football with extreme accuracy, but the latest ad for UNTUCKit shows that Drew is spot on when it comes to throwing a little lighthearted shade as well.

In the ad, titled "The Right Call" Drew references the famous NOLA No-Call that unfairly kept the Saints out of the Super Bowl within the final minutes of the NFC Championship game. But as Drew always does, he managed to do it with class.

It also doesn't hurt that the Saints quarterback is an investor and a brand ambassador for UNTUCKit. The future Hall of Famer addressed the blown call back in February, and as egregious as the no-call was, Brees managed to point out that he could have been better to avoid the situation altogether.

I’ve lived my life by worrying about the things that I can control. I know there were things that happened in that game before and after that call that were within our control that we could’ve done better that would’ve resulted, I think, in a win. It’s unfortunate that the most obvious of those things was the no-call because arguably you do the math and we would’ve been kicking a field goal with 15 seconds and we’d probably be here. But, I focus more on the plays that we could’ve made that would’ve gotten us here anyway.

Classic Drew.

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