"It's really him."

Those are the words of 18-year-old Brynn Plascia, who thought she was headed to lunch with her parents when she realized she was meeting Drew Brees instead. It has always been Brynn's dream to meet the former Saints quarterback, and when it finally happened, she couldn't hold back the tears.

According to WWL's Jeff Nowack, Brynn's parents suggested that she wear her Drew Brees jersey when they picked her up from school on Monday.

They didn't tell her why. Actually they told her the opposite. She was under the impression they were heading into New Orleans for a trip to the pet store and a quick lunch. What she got instead was a dream come true.

When she turned the corner to realize it was the future Hall of Fame quarterback, it was a moment so incredible that words simply can't do it justice.

What made the moment even more special is the fact that Brees took the time to chat with Brynn for several minutes, sharing a long hug and even posing for photographs.

Brees then found a marker and even autographed the back of Brynn's white jersey bearing his name. The Saints legend even shared a short personal message.

As Brees signed her jersey, Brynn uttered four words.

This is my dream.

Brees was in town for a ribbon-cuting at a new business called "Stretch Zone," a practitioner-led stretching program on Tchoupitoulas Street that is the first of its kind in New Orleans.

Even as I transition to no longer being a player, [stretching] is still as important a part of my training as anything.

Although he was in town on separate business, Drew still took the time to talk about his shift from the NFL to NBC into the analyst role that he has been settling into over the last few weeks.

Of course I miss [playing]," Brees said. "I miss elements of it. I miss being in the locker room. I miss the preparation ... the grind. It's difficult, it's stressful, but at the same time you're working toward something.

Drew elaborated on his TV role in a way that reminded me of how he approached the game. He even admitted its tough to critique the Saints in his new job.

While he spoke on several different topics Brees did give one definitive answer when it came to football. He's not coming back.

Once I got to age, call it 35, 37, it became 'let's get to Year 20, and that should be it. Especially knowing where my kids were going to be ... there's so many things I want to be a part of with my kids, that obviously during the football season you just can't be a part of. The commitment is to your team and being a quarterback and being a leader.

Fans couldn't help but react to the heartfelt moment as well as seeing their former quarterback in New Orleans for the first time (publicly) in a while.

As you can tell by his interview, Drew Brees is 100% NOLA for life.

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