Police in Jacksonville, Texas are on the hunt for a man known as "Stinky Butt."  His real name is Drashaydrian Montrell Hunter, but his nickname is so well known - law enforcement officials think that letting the public know that ol' Stinky Butt here is on the loose might just help them catch him faster.  I'm not sure why his nick name is "Stinky Butt" - but, it has to have something do with how his but smells.

Drashaydrian is suspected of carjacking, and was picked up by police last November.  That's when he gave Van police his brother's name instead of his own.  Afterwards, Police transported him to a local hospital to tend to injuries from a suspected car wreck.  On the journey from the hospital to jail, he escaped and has been on the run ever since.

The latest chapter in the Stinky Butt saga places the titular criminal in Jacksonville Texas, after an eyewitness spotted him this week near Lincoln Park.  Officials are asking that you take a look at the picture above and contact them if you see this man.  Do not approach the suspect on your own, as he may be dangerous and smell terrible.

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