The global coroanavirus outbreak has reinforced the importance of hand washing with soap when it comes to fighting germs and viruses.

To many people washing their hands may mean just rinsing them off under running water, but that's simply not enough. Soap plays an important role. When it comes to kids (and some adults too), they don't really understand why soap is important and why they have to wash their hands again.

While in the studio the other day, I happened to notice a video that The Weather Channel played a couple of times. After seeing it four the fourth time I turned up the volume to see what they were demonstrating. It was a demonstration showing how soap reacts to germs and viruses. Soap is basically a repellent for your hands. I did a quick search online and found the following video which depicts how soap repels germs and viruses.

After you watch this, you can perform this easy experiment in your home with your kids. Seeing how school is closed across the state and in many parts of the country right now, its a great teaching moment with your kids.

Here's another lengthy explanation on how soap interacts with viruses to protect us when used properly.

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