Governor John Bel Edwards had dinner on Tuesday at the mansion with members of the LSU Football freshmen class and now there’s word the state’s top elected official shot a PSA with Saints quarterback Drew Brees. Political analyst Bernie Pinsonat says these activities could be used as fodder for his Republican gubernatorial challengers.

“It will be attacked by his opponents as very political, and the public will have to decide on it, but certainly it’s campaign season and doing this is going to cause voters to look at it.”

The USA Today Network reports that Edwards and Brees shot a PSA together that promotes the recently signed Veterans First Business Initiative, which offers assistance to veterans or their surviving families who are pursing entrepreneurial dreams.

Pinsonat says typically Louisiana governors are hands off when it comes to LSU. Sure, they’ll root and cheer for the home team from a sweet suite, but it’s been nearly a century since we’ve seen a governor so publicly partner with the Tigers.

“Huey Long was the only governor who got this involved. He led the band, he went on trips with the team. Most governors have kept their separation and distance.”

But it might not be cold politically calculus driving these decisions. Brees has a history of supporting veterans, and Pinsonat says Edwards and LSU coach Orgeron have a public friendship, and openly support each other.

“The next step is to visit the mansion and bring the players with him. It’s an opportunity to do something the players have never done which is go to the mansion and meet the governor.”

The LSU freshman got a tour of the mansion and dinner with the Governor and First Lady Donna Edwards.

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