It was supposed to be the perfect escape into Summer for one Indiana family. Unfortunately for the Brown family, this beach trip to Destin turned out to be more of a nightmare than a dream after their 12-year-old daughter contracted flesh-eating bacteria after bathing in only ankle deep water.

Michelle Brown told WKRG Television out of Mobile Alabama that rough water prevented the family from getting all the way into the water during their early June vacation.

The waves were extremely high. Too dangerous to get in the water. They had people patrolling the beach to keep people out of the water. We were only allowed to get in ankle deep.

That small amount of exposure was all it took for Kylei Brown to be exposed to bacteria linked to necrotizing fasciitis, a very rare flesh-eating disease. The girl's mother said her daughter went to bed feeling just fine on Sunday night but woke up on Monday with horrific pain in her leg.

Upon their return to Indiana, doctors discovered the girl had a pocket of infection behind her knee and it was spreading rapidly. Doctors worked feverishly to quell the infection and save the girl's leg. Which it appears they were successful in doing.

Kylie's Mother Michelle believes the bacteria may have been able to enter her daughter's body through a skateboard injury the girl received before the family made the trip to Destin.

Meanwhile, officials with the Florida Department of Health issued a statement about the reported incident. In that statement, FDH suggested there were "no public health concerns” in Walton or Okaloosa County. However, they are continuing to investigate Mrs. Brown's claims and are hoping to get further information from the family as their investigation continues.



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