Thomas Henry Buxton of Elton is currently incarcerated in Jeff Davis Parish on charges of attempted aggravated arson. Deputies investigating the incident that led to Buxton's arrest allege the 50-year-old intentionally doused his girlfriend with gasoline and then threatened to set the home they were living in on fire.

Jeff Davis investigators were called out to a home regarding a complaint on March 6th. Once on the scene, deputies noticed Mr. Buxton outside the home. They also noticed a very strong smell of gasoline in and around the area.

Once inside the home deputies contacted a woman who was described as Buxton's girlfriend. The woman told authorities that Buxton had poured gas on her. She also stated that Buxton threatened to set the home if she did not leave.

Buxton was arrested and charged with attempted aggravated arson in the case. He is currently being housed in the Jeff Davis Parish correctional facility.


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