Do You Remember the Horrid Story of Reverend Travis Clark?

How Did the Priest and Dominatrixes Get Caught?

A witness was walking by the Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church and saw the entire unholy trinity taking place on the altar from a window. The pedestrian called police and when the officers arrived they say the sex acts taking place for themselves. According to FOX News, police found lighting on the stage, a cell phone on a tripod for recording, and sex toys all over the altar.

The Two Dominatrixes Agreed to Testify Against the Priest for Reduced Charges.

According to a story by, Reverend Travis Clark and the two women were initially charged with two felonies, obscenity, and institutional vandalism. However both of the dominatrixes Dixon and Cheng agreed to testify against Clark to have their charges reduced.

Reverend Travis Clark Plead Guilty.

Clark will serve three years of supervised probation and pay a fine of $1,000. What about the dominatrixes you ask? They both have had their sentences suspended and they are going to have to deal with supervised probation and no jail time.


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