I'm not sure how I got here, but it seems like my entire life is now staring at my phone, checking messages on my phone, and searching for a place to charge my phone. And I don't think I'm alone when I say - how did this happen? I managed to get through childhood, adolescence and even college without having a mobile phone (Yes, I'm a dinosaur), but I wouldn't dream of leaving the house without my cell phone today. And the panic I feel when I can't find it is really kind of shocking. There, I've said it.


Brett Jordan on Unsplash
Brett Jordan on Unsplash

According to folks at PCmag.com, if you want to check what's taking up the most room on your device, "You can see which apps are using the most battery power on your own device by going into settings, selecting battery, and looking at battery usage by app. Not so coincidentally, the apps that are the biggest time sucks are also among the biggest battery drains." They also checked in with phone-storage app company pCloud to analyze app permissions to find out whether apps are running on your phone whether you are using them or not. (wait, what??)

But if you are looking to improve your battery life by decreasing some of the juice devouring apps you have, then check out the list below of Top 20 most demanding apps on your phone, from PCmag.com. It's based on how much activity each app demands

  1. Fitbit 92%
  2. Verizon 92%
  3. Uber 87%
  4. Skype 87%
  5. Facebook 82%
  6. Airbnb 82%
  7. BIGO Live 82%
  8. Instagram 79%
  9. Tinder 77%
  10. Bumble 77%
  11. Snapchat 77%
  12. WhatsApp 77%
  13. Zoom 77%
  14. YouTube 77%
  15. Booking.com 77%
  16. Amazon 77%
  17. Telegram 77%
  18. Grindr 72%
  19. Likke 72%
  20. Linkedln 72%
NordWood Themes on Unsplash
NordWood Themes on Unsplash


Pcloud also has a list of the top apps that take up the most memory on your phone, based on the megabyte size of each app. You can see the entire list below.

  1. United Airlines
  2. Lyft
  3. Uber
  4. Fitbit
  5. Facebook
  6. Uber Eats
  7. PayPal
  8. Microsoft Teams
  9. YouTube
  10. Airbnb
  11. TikTok
  12. LinkedIn
  13. Snapchat
  14. Yelp
  15. AOL
  16. Duolingo
  17. Google Classroom
  18. Nike
  19. My McDonald's
  20. YouTube Music
  21. BIGO Live
  22. Slack
  23. Tinder
  24. Shein
  25. Instagram
  26. Amtrak
  27. Likke
  28. Sleepcycle
  29. Spotify
  30. CNN



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