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Convincing the general public to wear a mask for the greater good hasn't been easy.  The best advice our brightest minds can muster is to avoid social gatherings, wear a mask when social distancing isn't possible (like at the grocery store), and wash maintain a high degree of cleanliness.  To some degree, there has been some push-back and rebellion against this advice and the COVID-19 infection have reflected this failure to effectively do our part.

Yesterday, Louisiana officially added 13,019 new cases and 13 deaths to the total.  According to NOLA.com, that brings the official numbers up to 78,122 cases and 3,308 deaths across the state attributed to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Now, experts from the U.K. are claiming that the next step may be to turn off your air conditioner.  As torturous as this sounds, Dr. Shaun Fitzgerald of the Royal Academy of Engineering points out that because the AC recirculates the air in the room - it effectively broadcasts tiny water droplets that may have originated from someone who is infected with COVID-19.  Every time you sneeze, cough, laugh, etc. - you release lots of minuscule water droplets that are expelled by your lungs, nose, and/or mouth.  Researchers believe this is the most common way the disease is transmitted.

These experts say that turning your AC off is the only way to ensure you aren't recirculating this tainted air.  According to the report from the Daily Mail, the only other option is to turn up the AC and open the window - as long as there's a strong breeze.

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