Boudin is a local favorite. It's on the short list of favorites for breakfast, lunch, and snack. And don't forget about all the recipes that contain boudin. The list would go on and on. But during a recent interview, we asked UL History Professor (and seasoned boudin expert) Bob Carikker about the history of the Louisiana Favorite. It turns out the first time it was written about was in journals entries written during the Lewis and Clark expedition. Here is how "Boudin Blanc" was described by Meriwether Lewis in a journal entry dated May 9, 1805.

"...this white pudding we all esteem one of the greatest delacies of the forrest, it may not be amiss therefore to give it a place."

The recipe back then used buffalo and beef, which is very different than what we're used to. You can read the full journal entry on Hear the full interview with Bob Carikker below.

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