Facebook and Instagram finally dipped their toes into the dating scene... One week later, here are my thoughts...

Let me start this by saying this is only my opinion... You might actually love Facebook's dating feature... But as of right now, I do not.

I've used the other standard dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, and maybe one reason I'm not thrilled with Facebook Dating is that it just hasn't had enough time to build up a community like the big guys have. However, after one week of using Facebook's dating tool, I have been left wanting more.

Facebook doesn't employ the standard swipe technique, instead, users have to click either a heart or an X. That takes a little getting used too, but the selection of community members doesn't seem large at all. After only a few moments on the service, I was already being recommended profiles over an hour away. Hopefully that will change if more and more singles continue to try out the new service.

My early review is that I think we're better off using the guys who have perfected this kind of thing. Only ime will tell if Facebook Dating is the real deal.

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