You can’t improve upon perfection. So why bother to try?

That was the reaction a lot of people had to the news that Face/Off, the unforgettable ’90s action movie starring John Travolta and Nicolas Cage as each other, was getting a modern reboot directed by You’re Next and Godzilla vs. Kong’s Adam Wingard. There is no way to out-crazy an action movie by director John Woo that stars Cage/Travolta. To try to update that with a new cast seems like a fool’s errand.

Adam Wingard agrees. After the news broke that he was working on this new Face/Off he clarified a key detail on his Instagram account. Along with a picture of Nicolas Cage going full Cage in the original Face/Off, Wingard wrote “I would NEVER re-imagine or remake FACE/OFF. It’s a perfect action movie. [Writer] Simon Barrett and I are writing a direct SEQUEL!” And he added two smiley faces too.

Now this is a spoiler for those of you who haven’t seen Face/Off — and if you haven’t, we’re not friends anymore — but Nicolas Cage’s character dies at the end of the movie. So how do you even make a direct sequel? Does someone else — say the character’s previously unknown son — dig up Cage’s body and stick his dead father’s face on his body and then go after John Travolta? Wait... maybe this is a good idea for a movie after all.

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