I love my town, but moving here in July isn't a great idea... Here's why.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my hometown. I was born and raised here in Shreveport, and I plan on being here for a very long time. Non-stop throughout the calendar year, you can find me at most community events, schools, and functions highlighting this city and why I think it's so great.

However, if someone were to move to Shreveport in July, I would advise them to hold off a little bit.

Here's why moving to Shreveport right now would be a bad idea.



  • 1

    Heat. Heat. Heat.

    To be fair, this list could be complete right now if I was in a lazy mood. This summer heat in Shreveport is no joke, with the heat index already hitting 110. If you enjoy burning alive, move to Shreveport right now... If you don't, stay far away until it cools off.

  • 2

    Slow Time For Events.

    Here in Shreveport, we have a booming event community. With a massive Mardi Gras community in town, as well as so many excellent festivals, this town is a fun place to be. However, we're still quite a long ways away from Mardi Gras, and there's not many festivals hitting the town any time soon.

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    You don't have to be a commander at Barksdale Air Force Base to know that crimes in Shreveport occur and occur often. Couple that with human nature to commit more crime in the summer, and moving here in July is probably not the best idea.

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    OJ Simpson May or May Not Live Here

    As many of you know, O.J. has been spotted all around town over the last few weeks. Some rumors say he is building/buying a home in Shreveport. While that is yet to be confirmed, if you're afraid of living in a small town with one of the most infamous humans of all time, you might want to wait a little while to move here.

  • 5

    Crawfish Season Wrapping Up

    Tis' the season... Well, the worst season. The season after crawfish season is upon us and that means those delicious little crawlers will be unavailable for quite some time. I would want to wait to move here until next crawfish season if I was packing the U-Haul.

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