Just when he probably thought things couldn't get much worse, they did. According to reports, the Baton Rouge Fire Department responded to the scene of a trailer home on fire in the 22-hundred block Park Circle.This was in the early morning hours of Sunday January 15, 2017.

Upon arrival, officials discovered the trailer was fully engulfed in flames. Further investigation revealed that the man who lived in the home was attempting to make repairs and remodel the home after it was damaged by the August 2016 flooding.

Fire officials speculate that a propane leak within the home was ignited when the man working on the home stopped to light a cigarette. The trailer home was declared a total loss and there was also damage reported to two nearby homes because of the blaze.

The single victim in the blaze was severely burned in the incident. He has been hospitalized in the Baton Rouge area to receive treatment for his injuries.

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