They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder... Maybe they meant beauty is in the eye of the name-holder?

Today, I started out on a quest. I wanted to figure out two things:

1. Do names contribute to a person's level of attraction?


I mean, if my name isn't on this list, maybe that's my issue. After all, I've been single for quite a while now, maybe a little name-change can do the trick. Believe it or not, there have been numerous studies done for years that conclude names carry a certain level of attraction. Granted, in the grand scheme of things that can make a person attractive or not, their name should be very low on that list. However, you can't deny science, and science says yes, a name can contribute to a person's level of attraction.

So, now that we've gotten my first question out of the way, it's time to move on to the most important part of this article. What are those dang names?

Finding the most attractive names wasn't as difficult as I originally imagined. After an hour or so of research, I've stumbled across many studies and lists, all of which have relatively the same group of names. Sure, I'll keep some of those names on my list, but for the most part, I'm about to go straight off the dome for both men and women.

Let's do this thing! Here's my list for the ladies. I believe (and so does science), that these names are  the most attractive, and they're in no particular order:

1. Ashleigh

2. Lauren

3. Alexus

4. Erika

5. Brianna

6. Lindsey

7. Heather

8. Kat

9. Lexi

10. Erin

11. Hillary

12. Samantha

13. Kristen

14. Amy

15, Liz

16. Brittany

17. Kaylie

18. Catherine

19. Brooke

20. Abby

21. Jenna

22. Macy

23. Karlie

24. Veronica

25. Jenny

26. Karissa

27. Yasmine

28. Sasha

29. Liv

30. Danielle

31. Paige

32. Hannah

33. Teri

34. Bailey

35. Kayla

36. Alyssa

37. Makayla

38. Paige

39. Madi

40. Beth

41. Anna

42. Tanya

43. Nicole

44. Sara

45. Caroline

46. Laura

47. Grace

48. Angelica

49. Emily

50. Stephanie

Now, let's focus on the guys. For the guys, it's a little easier, because believe it or not, every single survey I found had the same exact name at the very top. No joke. Years of analytical studies, completed by the world's most credible institutions all came up with the same exact name at the top of each of their respective surveys. So, without further ado, here's what science has confirmed to be the world's most attractive name for guys....

Drum-roll please....

1. Jay.

What, you're still reading this? Damn, you knew I made that up, didn't you? Of course I did, after all, this night has been rather depressing for me as not one single survey or list I found had Jay on it. Google it yourself, not one single survey or study featured my name. Tragic, I know.

Anyways, since you stuck around, I'll go ahead and give you the most attractive names for guys, according to Independent. Unlike the list I created off the top of my head for the ladies, this list is in particular order ranking the top attractive names for guys. So don't get mad at me, get mad at Independent and the now-defunct dating app they used to retrieve this information.

1) Brett

2) Tyler

3) Corey

4) Andy

5) Noah

6) Shane

7) Jeffrey

8) Rob

9) Frank

10) Jeff

11) Zack

12) Brandon

13) Nicholas

14) Greg

15) Zachary

16) Mark

17) Dave

18) Alex

19) Aaron

20) Joey

21) Ryan

22) Max

23) Matthew

24) Jack

25) Jake

26) Christopher

27) Nick

28) Bobby

29) Joe

30) James

31) Dan

32) Jeremy

33) George

34) Danny

35) Evan

36) Alexander

37) Matt

38) Rich

39) Erik

40) Chris

41) Charles

42) Austin

43) Dylan

44) Jordan

45) Jonathan

46) Christian

47) Drew

48) Charlie

49) Tom

50) Daniel


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