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Hockey is a beautiful game. The athleticism of hockey players is off the charts. The ability to stop, start, stick handle and shoot while traveling full speed on skates is mind boggling. But, on top of the beauty and grace, hockey is brutal and violent. The hits, the fights...they can all take a toll on a player's body.

Case and point: Regnars Udris. The former Shreveport Mudbug and Latvia native recently suffered a brutal injury on the ice and had some of his teeth knocked out. And, since he's a junior hockey player with little to no money living in a foreign land, he's asking for a little help this holiday season. Here's what Udris had to say about his situation and injury on his GoFundMe page:

I am from a small town in Latvia, Europe. I came to the United States at the age of fifteen to fulfill my dreams of playing hockey and going to college. I left home alone without my family to some to the United States. My mother is a single parent of three and she sacrificed a lot for me, so that I can accomplish my dreams and goals. I am playing in my last year of junior hockey, before I commit to college hockey in America.

Recently, I suffered an injury while playing hockey game. A stick from an opposing team’s player hit me in the mouth. Even though I was wearing a mouth guard, the stick broke my two front teeth. I went to see the dentist and he told me that I needed two root canals and crowns to fix them. The worst problem was that my nerves were exposed which causes excruciating pain. To fix my teeth and the exposed nerves, the cost is $4,000, and my insurance only covers $250. Unfortunately, my mother doesn’t have the money to help me and I am not able to travel home to have the operations. It is very important that I get my teeth and nerve fixed as soon as possible, before it leads to an infection or further damage.

Any donations will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

This is literally the classic Christmas song "All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth" come to life. Except, instead of it being cute and funny, this story has real consequences and is super painful. Even though Udris didn't see much ice time during his time in Shreveport, we should all get together and help the young man during his time of need. After all, it is the season of giving.

If you'd like to donate some money to Udris, you can go to his GoFundMe page here. 

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