Recently we featured this post, but just in case you missed it I wanted to re-post it.  Especially once I realized who it was.  You will probably know him too. 

For me, I was  flipping channels about a week ago and came upon "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" on Current TV and he was doing a segment of his show called "Time marches on," which caught my attention.   In his segment he showed a Knoxville, Tennessee television reporter who looked extremely aggravated, so I turned up the volume and listened, as well as watched.  To my disbelief, it was former KSLA-TV 12 newsman Gordon Boyd. 

I had kind of wondered what happened to him, but TV people come and go so frequently in this town its hard to keep up with them.  The clip Olbermann showed depicted Boyd on scene at a courthouse reporting on a trial he had sat through that day, when for some unknown reason he got the ugliest look ever on his face and threw his notes down to the ground and continued an aggrevated stare at the camera. 

I guess the folks back at the station knew something was up and they brought the anchor back full-screen.  The look on his face was priceless too.  He originally delivered the old tried and true "we're having technical difficulties" line, but to anybody who was watching the news right then, it was apparent there were no technical difficulties, something ticked Boyd off in a really BIG way. blogger Terry Morrow got some comments from Boyd after the unfortunate incident, which I will share with our KVKI listeners.  

CLICK HERE  for the blog post and how Boyd feels about what happened.

CLICK HERE for the VIDEO of Boyd freaking out on camera!