If you can cook and and handle the heat dished out by Gordon Ramsay, then this audition could land you on the Fox show 'MasterChef'.

An amateur cook will end up winning the grand prize of $250,000.00 and claiming the title of MasterChef! If you can handle the pressure that is dished out by Gordon Ramsay, then you need to create a dish and be prepared to serve it to a panel of judges during an open casting call session on September 29th. The MasterChef website says the open casting call is happening on September 29th (Saturday) but the location and time hasn't been announced just yet.

In the meantime you can perfect your dish or dishes and get yourself mentally prepared for the competition! If selected you could be appearing on season 10 of the Fox reality series.

Early registration is not required, but you can pre-register online though.

Good luck aspiring chefs!

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