A grandfather spoke to mourners at his funeral from beyond the grave, and had them laughing.

Shay Bradley was an Irish father of four, and grandfather of eight, who passed away after a lengthy illness.

Instead of having his family and friends leaving his funeral crying, he wanted them to leave with a smile. So, he pulled off an elaborate prank that had him speaking to them from beyond the grave.

A video that was posted to social media by his daughter, Andrea Bradley, showed mourners gathered around his grave site, with his casket lowered into the ground. That's when it all started.

The Video is NSFW due to language, cause I don't think an Irishman can complete a sentence without cursing, right?!

There came Mr. Bradley's voice shouting, "Hello?" followed by a knocking sound as if he were knocking on the inside of his casket. "Let me out!"

The mourners then realize what is going on and break into laughter when his voice says, "It’s ******* dark in here."

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