I know I'm 'just' a DJ, but over the years, I think it's safe to say I may have picked up a thing or two regarding what it takes to move the needle for business...

Obviously, connecting with someone on a personal or emotional level is fantastic if you can do it through your marketing. Making someone laugh always serves to make your product or service more memorable and so does demonstrating why your offering is unique or of high value or quality. If you can take any of these elements and add a sense of urgency, well, you've found the promised land of advertising!

Unfortunately, Steven didn't 'hit the nail on the head.' See, it seems to me that if you're offering carpentry services you should probably construct a well-made sign to show folks how good your work is... Yea, this one seems to be falling down. Not really a good look, is it? I thought the stenciled, off-center letters added a nice touch though. I'll tell you who really makes me laugh, and that's the folks at Cajun Daiquiri!

Poor Steven. I don't want to pick on him but I did laugh when I saw this the other day on my way home. Just in case you were wondering, this sign is on the side of 70th in Shreveport where it intersects Bert Kouns.


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