While we patiently wait for Game of Thrones to return next year for its the eighth and final season, we can now pass the time reading the script from the Season 7 finale, “The Dragon and the Wolf.” David Benioff and D.B. Weiss’ script for the fiery end to the season earned just one of the series’ many Emmy nominations – a total of 22, to be exact. Thanks to its nomination for Outstanding Writing in the Drama category, the HBO script has now been released online by the TV Academy, and it has one very exciting reveal.

You’ve been warned of spoilers for “The Dragon and the Wolf,” so if you’ve yet to catch up on the fiery finale, now’s the time to bookmark this post to return to later. As the rest of us tragically remember, the very end of the episode left both Tormund and Beric’s fate’s up in the air. The two were last seen standing atop The Wall near Eastwatch and quickly evacuating as The Night King and Viserion attacked the massive block of ice. The Wall crumbled, as we all watched in horror, and the episode never explicitly revealed if Tormund and Beric escaped in time. But now we have the actual script to consult for more evidence, and my friends, it’s good news!

As Watchers on the Wall discovered, the script for the Benioff and Weiss-penned episode is now available in PDF form on the Emmys website. Let’s take a look at the scene with our favorite bearded redhead and the endlessly reanimated lord. Moments after Viserion first strikes The Wall with his blue flames and Tormund shouts “Run!” here’s what the script says:

Tormund and Beric lead their wildling comrades to the stairs carved in the ice – Eastwatch has a massive zig-zag
stairway, not an elevator like Castle Black.


They run for their lives and disappear from view.

“Run for their lives.” Hmmm. While that’s still fairly ambiguous, the language suggests the two did indeed escape safely, and “disappear[ing] from view” doesn’t exactly equate to their demise. Though we have seen characters die off-screen on the series – RIP Stannis – it would be especially harsh for the show to kill off two Tormund and Beric that way.

This only confirms what we already assumed about Tormund’s return anyway. Last fall, actor Kristofer Hivju was spotted in Belfast with other GoT cast members right around the time Season 8’s production was kicking off. Plus, how dare Weiss and Benioff kill off Tormund before resolving all that tension between him and Brienne? Unacceptable.

While you wait for the official Season 8 premiere date to be announced – we know it’ll arrive in the “first half“ of 2019 – why not read through the Season 7 finale script. And next month, we’ll also get to see a bunch of our favorite GoT stars out of their Westerosi costumes and on the red carpet at the Emmys.

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