Finally, something that's right up my alley.

I have complained to anyone that would listen that I'm disappointed in my friends this year. Despite me making it perfectly clear that I wanted to hunt this year, not one of my hunting buddies has taken me on a trip. If only there was a company that I could call and book with that would just handle everything and get me in a deer stand at the same time.

Believe it or not, there is a company like that and it's based right here in Louisiana. We are the Sportsman's Paradise after all, so it's fitting that a company like this exists in our great state. The company itself has some awesome ties to the ultra-popular food delivery service Waitr.

The founder of Waitr, Chris Meaux, had a birthday trip planned for the ages. A nice hunting trip with friends and family. Only one problem: Chris's son, Logan, had serious issues booking the trip. That game Logan the inspiration he needed to launch a company of his own, and shortly after, Mallard Bay was born.

Mallard Bay is essentially a one-stop shop for any and all hunting trips. They handle not only the hunt, but also the lodging and food.

Logan Meaux describes his company by saying, "Rather than just booking a lodge or a place to stay when you hunt it’s a full-service experience. So that’s lodging, meals, duck hunting, deer hunting, turkey, you name it."

Christmas is right around the corner, and if you have a hunter in your life, this might make a perfect Christmas gift.

[Mallard Bay]

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