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Guys, Valentine's Day is getting closer by the second, and if she's important to you, you should be taking advantage of every second to plan exactly how you'll convey to her just how special she is and how deep your love is for her.

Don't be that guy that runs to the Dollar Store after work on February 13 and pick up one of the few remaining cards and a cheap box of candy. Spend a little time LISTENING to her and the perfect idea will come to you.

It doesn't even have to be a gift you purchase. It might be that what she really wants is a night alone with a take out meal, a couple of rented movies, and for you and the kids to hit the road. If that's what she wants, you'll hear it. She might not say it to you, but you might hear her desires as she's talking with one of her friends. You just have to be "tuned in."

Of course, if you're a real clod, you'll duplicate one of the ideas below, and in all likelihood, you'll spend the rest of 2021 begging for forgiveness for your stupidity. Just take my advice and steer clear of any of these.

It's The Ten Worst Gifts to Give Her For Valentine's Day:

The Ten Worst Gifts to Give Her For Valentine's Day

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