Granted I'm not one to suggest buying a loved an appliance for Christmas (or any other holiday), for my robot vac, I'd make an exception.

So, I wouldn't consider myself to be a horrible housekeeper. I wouldn't consider myself to be a fantastic one, either. I do my best, like many of you, to keep a house that doesn't frighten guests and neighbors. ;) That includes vacuuming.

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I have two cats whom I adore and wouldn't ever want to live without them. But as any home owner knows, keeping the cat hair at bay, along with all the other peripheral dirt and dust that blows in, can be a challenge.

A few years ago, I invested in one of those Dyson Animal vacuum cleaners and I love it. Still. Despite my efforts, some weeks I just struggle with finding the time to take an hour at least to vacuum the entire house. And since I don't indulge in a weekly housecleaning by a professional, that means things around here can get fuzzy pretty quickly.

Despite what seemed a redundant action since I already have a great vacuum, I invested in a robot vacuum. It is, without a doubt, a game-changer, my friend. I can't recommend highly enough.

Thankfully, due to innovation and competition, there are many more models on the market outside of the most obvious, most expensive choices. I did a bit of research and found a very highly rated model for about half the price of another one I'd been considering. I opted for a brand called Eufy. There's are many choices, depending on your budget. I couldn't be happier.

It has an app and you can set it's schedule and even launch it remotely. The first time it runs it kind of "explores" and begins to set a pattern for how it will clean your particular home. It's rather small and thin so I was semi-skeptical about how much dirt and hair it could actually pick up. My mind was blown.

It's also pretty quiet and I find that, except for making sure I don't trample my little robot friend, I can go about my day pretty normally while it does it's work. I have mostly hardwood floors but there are a few rugs here and there. It easily transitions about, using it's little arms to navigate the terrain. (Can you tell I've developed a bit of affection for it?) When it's done, it magically makes it way back to its charging station. Well, perhaps not magically, but that's how it feels. ;)

Now, if you'd like to delve in and get more of the technicals, take a look here.

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