I can imagine that people throughout the course of history who witnessed the greatest conglomeration of ideas had a similar feeling.  I'm talking about great ideas coming together to make an even better idea - like the first time someone hitched an ox to a wagon, the origin of chocolate and peanut butter getting together, or the "beam of light from the heavens moment" when the Facebook app was invented and we all became slaves to our phones.


I was witness to one of those moments this week.  I was picking up a few things at Albertsons grocery store on Airline, when I saw this.

Girl Scout Cookie Cereal 3

I want you to take a minute to process that.  Girl Scout Cookie Cereal.

Girl Scout Cookie Cereal 4

Boom!  Just imagine a bowl filled with tiny thin mints an milk!  Maybe your not a Thin Mint kind of person.

Girl Scout Cookie Cereal 5

I bought one of each, and I am planning a Saturday morning cartoon marathon with my son and a mixing bowl full of these.  My only issue now is finding a spoon big enough to handle this greatness, but not too big for my mouth.

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