Where were we before we had Google?  Living in a cave, eating dirt?  Or perhaps someplace worse, like Detroit?  I'll have to Google it, but it's probably pretty bad.  So what if they are spying on us (according to the Guardian), they make it easier to adult.

gpointstudio/ThinkStock - Questions like "What do I do when I run out of toilet paper?"

My friend, it's about to get easier!  It's a fair trade.

Hit the little microphone button on your Google search bar, and tell it your favorite food.  Go ahead, try it.  You'll get the full, patented, all of the information-at-once Google treatment in the form of recipes for that dish.  It's kind of mesmerizing, and definitely hunger inducing.  If you're thinking that this blows your diet sky high, you could  be right.  This could lead you down a very slimming path just as well as a fattening one.  Just employ the same will power you were planning on anyway.  Instead of giving in to the temptation to use "Fried" or " Candied," try  putting "Healthy"  in front of your food searches - and you're good.  Just don't trust the "Healthy Tofu Cheesecake."

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