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How often do you get into a heated discussion with someone that ends up with one, or both of you, hitting up Google for the ammo needed to settle the debate? According to swnsdigital.com, it happens a lot more than you might think.

In fact, the survey states that,

Three in four (77%) confessed to experiencing a hit of satisfaction when they realize they are right when looking up a fact they weren’t sure about.

In essence, we find sheer joy in proving our "rightness" and we're willing to do all the research needed to prove it.  And apparently, it could be over things as trivial as what celebrity was the first spokesperson for Mr. Coffee coffee makers. Course, we all know that was Joe DiMaggio. (I Googled it)

The subjects we are most likely to Google include:

  • Historical events or what year something happened
  • Politics
  • Spelling
  • The actor or actress who was in that movie you can't remember
  • The weather
  • Which artist sings a particular song
  • Geography, or where something is
  • Grammar
  • Recipe ingredients

The article also states that over two thirds of us want to expand our knowledge on topics that interest us. I think we can all agree on that and with the available information online these days, researching something has become increasingly easier. Especially if it means we can prove someone else wrong.

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