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The number of things that have closed their doors due to the massive and ever-present Coronavirus shutdown is staggering.  I say "things" because at this point it's so many restaurants, stores, museums, etc - I've honestly lost count.  As sad as that is, the current situation of our beloved Sci-Port Discovery Center is even sadder.

Employees worked tirelessly to get ready, that includes figuring out some confusing and ever changing directives from the state on what was required to keep everyone safe -  which boiled down to closing some areas off and near constant cleaning and of the entire complex.  See, officials at this venerated hall of learning (oftentimes disguised as fun) have fought to just get the doors open to the public - only to find that the public wasn't there.

The ArkLaTex Homepage is reporting that our beloved science museum is in danger of shutting down due to low attendance.  Even though Sci-Port qualified for the Paycheck Protect Loan from the Small Business Administration, the STEM-center and home to one of the nicest IMAX theaters in the U.S. won't make enough money to operate if the number of visitors doesn't increase sharply - and soon.

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