Ladies, if you have goals/dreams you're trying to reach in 2020, you need Rachel Hollis!

Rachel is a self-made woman with an empire spanning social media like Instagram and TikTok, books, seminars, and videos. But her meteoric rise to fame as a supporter and empowerer of women didn't happen overnight. It happened over a decade of hard work, trial and error and the willingness to laugh at herself. Do you know anyone else who would admit to a worldwide audience that she's actually pooped her pants as a grown woman while on a juice cleanse? I think not!

I found Rachel last year when I was probably the last woman I know to ready her book Girl, Wash Your Face. She left me inspired, but, if I'm honest, I forgot most of her teachings immediately. However, I've been powering through her latest book, Girl, Stop Apologizing, and it was life changing!

From setting incredibly specific goals, to breaking them down to actionable steps and creating a strong base to work from, Hollis makes the idea of facing your fears and living your dreams seem attainable.

What hit me the most was her recommendations for building a solid foundation from which to work from that she calls her 'Five to Thrive.'

1. Drink water... drink half your body weight daily in ounces. After all, your body won't work right without being hydrated.

2. Wake up and hour earlier... This is how you start your day ready to take on the world and will ensure you won't begin by already trying to catch up. This is your hour dedicated to YOU!

3. Get moving... she highly advises moving at least 30 minutes each day.

4. Giving up one unhealthy food group for 30 days... it doesn't matter if it's fast food or bread and pasta, if you can do this, it'll prove to yourself that you can do anything!

5. Practice gratitude... I think we could all benefit from this. And she wants you to be specific!

If you have a goal that you've always wanted to achieve and all that is holding you back is fear or a lack of confidence, don't let it! Rachel gives you real, actionable advice in this book and I highly recommend it!

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