Once again, Great Raft Brewing in Shreveport is making our beer dreams come true with their latest announcement!  The brew that seems like Homer Simpson's fevered dream come true is making it's return trip to the Shreveport/Bossier City area!  “Cheat Day” Donut Milk Stout will be available for your enjoyment in draft and 750ml bottles form in late December - but the fun starts way before that.

Saturday, November 24th, over 350 delicious, glazed donuts from Southern Maid will be dropped into the vat containing the magic potion that will become Cheat Day!  You are invited to drop one of the sweet and delectable rings into the primordial brew, thus becoming part of the incredible process.  Not only will become a part of brewing history, you can have an awesome time doing it - Southern Fork will be catering the event, there will be plenty of fresh Southern Maid donuts, 20 Great Raft beers on tap (including 2017 Cheat Day).  Plus, if you are one of the lucky few donut droppers selected - you will get a magical Great Raft bracelet.  How is it magical?  Not only does it commemorate a very cool moment, it will get $1 off of beers in the Great Raft tasting room until the new batch of Cheat Day is released!  On that day, you get to trade in your bracelet for a free pint of the brew that you helped breathe life into!

The Southern Maid deliciousness goes into the drink between noon and 2 pm, if you want to be immortalized in beer you should be there.  Check out more details on the Facebook event page here.

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