The only time I am rocking no shoes in public is when I walk my dog. Growing up in a small town with a lot of land it didn't matter what you wore because no one saw you. Now I live on a very busy street in Bossier City, and I have gotten some wild looks by people in my apartment complex when I walk my dog. When I am walking my boy, Rudd, I like to walk through the grass barefoot. Not only does it remind me of home and my family, but it is just nice.

Now there is a group dedicated to making the concept of being barefoot in public in hopes of removing the stigmatization behind it. The group is Barefoot is Legal. On their website they describe their goal is "promoting bare-footing and showing that it is both healthy, and legal, for all age groups" and also "about making the barefoot lifestyle more acceptable".

Hey, I am all about this. I love being barefoot. However, there are several places I would never go barefoot like a public bathroom or a restaurant. Would you go barefoot for good?