We have all learned more about handwashing over the past two weeks than most of us have learned about the subject during the entire course of our time on the planet. Make no mistake, the COVID-19 threat will be abated because Americans and other residents of the planet finally figured out how to wash their hands.

In Missouri, a third-grade teacher in the town of Hallsville has come up with a very ingenious way to ensure that her students are washing their hands properly and washing them enough during the course of the school day.

What a very simple solution to a problem that could change the lives of students in that classroom. Mrs. Shauna Woods, the teacher in this classroom, says that students who have washed away the stamp by the end of the day are eligible for a prize.

While you might think the prize would be the motivating factor in all of this it's actually peer pressure. Would you want to be known as the "kid who didn't wash his hands"? Whatever the motivation it sure seems to be working.

Mrs. Woods reports that her kids show up, get their stamp, and then go about their day with regular stops to wash and sanitize their hands. The "hack" has helped the kids not only learn about hygiene and disease prevention, but it's also helped them develop better habits when it comes to handwashing. Which, will undoubtedly lead to a healthier classroom and a healthier school.

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