We have been working on the radio together for 15 years today.
Started on the Big Dog on August 12th way back in 1996. We've had loads of fun over the years. 


Enjoy some of our favorite memories:

Loved the April Fools morning when we had people thinking there was a whale in the Red River.  We really did put a blow-up whale in the river.

Loved Robert as Cupid......he dressed up in a sweet little Valentine's Diaper to bring love to the world.

Speaking of Robert dressing up.  We put him in a ladies gown (he's an 18 burly by the way) after he lost a bet.

Another fun morning was the day I got to wax Robert's legs.  I think it's time to do that again.

Also had a fun morning when some of the Mudbugs Hockey players shaved Robert's head. 

I had a great morning out hunting for the alligator that was plaguing Carriage Oaks...had a chicken on a string but lost the chicken.  Didn't catch the gator.

These are just some of our fun memories.  Feel free to share yours with us.

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