October 9, 2022 started off much like any other workday for Andrew Lincoln with Harmons Towing and Recovery.

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However, that day quickly changed and the hero inside Andrew stepped up to save the day!

From Webster Parish Sheriffs Office
From Webster Parish Sheriffs Office

This week Webster Parish Sheriff Jason Parker presented Andrew with a Life Saving Award after Andrew's quick thinking and selfless actions saved the life of a car crash victim.

Andrew's heroism showed itself on Sunday, October 9, 2022 as he was headed from Sibley to Haughton on a towing call.

As he traveled along Highway 164, Andrew happened upon an automobile accident. Getting closer, he saw flames leaping from the crashed vehicle. Stopping his tow truck, Andrew yelled "Is there someone in the car?"

A young man on the scene who had also stopped responded “Yes, but the door is jammed.”

Without thinking twice, Andrew placed his truck in the middle of the road, turned his lights on, and rushed to help. The driver side door was jammed and the flames were increasing. He quickly went to the passenger door and was able to get it open. Once in the vehicle he tried to free the female passenger, but she was stuck too badly. By this time the smoke was so thick he could barely see her. He also could feel his pants begin to melt from the heat of the flames and knew he only had seconds before the fire engulfed the vehicle.

In a last ditch effort to get a grip on the female, without hesitation, Andrew removed his shirt, wrapped it under the victims’ arms and pulled her out of the car.

It was literally only minutes later, the car was completely engulfed in flames.

From Webster Parish Sheriffs Office
From Webster Parish Sheriffs Office

Andrew has been in the towing industry his entire life, risks his life daily on the side of the road helping others, and on this day helped save another life.

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