Is the town of Haughton, LA missing a toy solider? If so, we know where it's at...

Now I've never been one of those folks who insisted people should have their Christmas decorations down by the new year, but even you have to admit this is a bit excessive.

While driving on HWY 157 in Haughton, LA Saturday afternoon, February 17,2018, I noticed that not only does Haughton still have a 'toy soldier' Christmas decoration up, it's still lit! As a long time resident of Haughton, I know they decorate pretty much each of the power poles going through town with lighted and festive Christmas decor annually. However, it seems like the town workers forgot a few of their charges when the holidays came to an end.

That poor toy soldier! Hanging all by himself in the middle of February all lit up for everyone to see him in the middle of the afternoon. What's a toy to do? Just think of the wasted electricity! Egads!

Well, Haughton, look no further, when you're not only missing a toy soldier when it comes time to pull out the Christmas decorations next year, you'll also be missing some Christmas gifts and a bell with candy canes. But never fear, they're right where you left them the year before. At least the other two decorations we spotted weren't lit up... I guess that's something!

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