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The pandemic has been long and difficult.  We've all had to figure out how to go about life in a completely different and difficult way.  If you've been lucky enough to avoid getting COVID-19, you've likely had to deal with some other issues.  Mental issues.

It's no secret that almost completely cutting yourself off from social interaction and family gatherings is bad for your mental state.  It's not natural for humans to avoid each other so much, but we have done what we have done to protect the entire species.  Strangely enough, the human need for interaction is so strong that it will win out - even when there's no other humans around.

According to the Washington Post's interview with Charles Fernyhough, a psychology professor at Durham University - you're not going crazy (probably).  Talking out loud to your self is a perfectly normal human reaction when facing a difficult cognitive challenges (like a puzzle) or a particularly stressful time (like a pandemic).

The professor likens talking to yourself to writing notes in the air while you try to concentrate.  It's a way to get your thoughts out of your head so that you can really examine the problem / argument you had with an idiot at work.

So the next time your have a full blown council meeting with yourself in the car, let 'er rip!  I just pretend I talking to someone on my car's Bluetooth connection.

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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