Few things can make your day worse than coming home and realizing that your best friend is missing.  Who will go for a long walk in an open field with you, headbutting all those that dare to make fun of you?  Who else will eat your cooking (and all of your cans)?

Rejoice my friend!  The Caddo Sheriff's department has good news for you!  KSLA is reporting that a goat with a red collar and a white bell was found aimlessly wandering about Manchester street in Keithville.  I'd like to think there is an amazing story behind this, but the truth is we won't know until the goat's partner in crime steps forward.

If you, or anyone you know is missing a goat and/or best friend, contact the Caddo Sheriff's office livestock patrol at (318) 681-1120 to claim your party animal.

Also, let it be known that I didn't make a single "got your goat" joke.

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